Instagram For Your Business: The Benefits

As of early 2022, Instagram has over 2 billion active users from all over the world that between 17% and 18% of the world’s population! The number of businesses on Instagram has surpassed over 200 million in recent months, so if you haven’t already it is time to start utilising Instagram for your business. 

Setting up an Instagram page for your business is free and easy but if you use it wisely it could be a gold mine for your business with more and more people using click throughs on Instagram every day to source and buy their products. The benefits of having an Instagram business account are numerous. Here at Kernow Media, we have condensed them into your 3 most important benefits: 

  • Know Your Audience

Instagram allows you to view the demographics of your audience free of charge. From here you can hone your target audience and ensure you are marketing to the correct groups of people. The statistics offered by Instagram also allows you to see which posts have had the most engagement and which posts have been “saved” regularly by individuals. From this you can determine what marketing strategies are most effective for your company and, moreover, what products are working for your company and what products are just eating into your profit and adjust accordingly. 

  • Customer Engagement 

Instagram has a 10x high customer engagement than Facebook or Twitter. This means that your brand, if managed correctly, can gain trust and awareness through mutual interaction. Customers that are answered via comment replies, private messaging or reposted in your stories are more likely to see you as a personable, trustworthy business.  Additionally, businesses that engage with their customers and address on trend issues are more likely to receive likes and comments as part of the discussion (think fashion brands such as Skinnydip), this in turn increases customer engagement and this in turn boosts your visibility on Instagram.

  • Customer Generated Content 

That is right. If managed correctly, your business will not have to create all its own content! Afterall, Instagram is a photo sharing platform and with a younger demographic than Twitter or Facebook. Once your customer engagement and brand trust has increased, customers will want to be seen with your trendy products or services and therefore will post Instagram stories or posts tagging you in their photo (this also helps the customer gain followers, it is mutually beneficial and there is motivation for you customer to do this). You can then repost these on your own profile within your stories or posts and as people see your brand being used by customer, brand awareness will grow

as will customer engagement and your business will grow too!

Furthermore, just as with Facebook, Instagram also offers sponsored or boosted posts and targeted advertising. There are options available for every budget and these will not only help you to reach a much wider target audience but give you further insights into your consumer demographic.  

Here at Kernow Media, we can take your business insights (paid ads or not) and provide you with a marketing plan tailored to you. We can also manage every aspect of your Instagram page, ensuring you do not miss any opportunity for customer engagement. We offer a wide range of packages, there is something suitable for every business and every budget and we will work with you to get the very best out of your business campaigns. Afterall, if your business succeeds, we succeed too! 

If you would like to find out more about or packages or speak to a member of our team about your marketing campaigns, please contact us here.