About Us

We work with businesses to ensure they make the most of their marketing, by achieving outstanding results from their campaigns.

A Word From Gavin

I’ve worked in the weird and wonderful world of marketing since 2010.

Prior to launching Kernow Media, I was the Event Director of the UK’s largest and most exciting Sales & Marketing Event, hosting over 20,000 engaged visitors at the London ExCeL.

During that time, I gained valuable insights and knowledge from thousands of marketers, all with their own unique specialities, ranging from traditional marketers right through to those at the cutting edge of marketing technology.

One thing we all unanimously agreed, is that social media marketing is vital for any business, no matter the size, no matter the industry.

A lot has changed since 2016, including social media. More people are active and using social media than ever before, which means that businesses should be committing more time and resources to it.

Most business owners can see the value of social media but struggle with what content to post, which platforms to be active on and at what frequency.

Add in the time and effort it takes to create content and spend time engaging with their audience, and some business owners decide that doing nothing seems the easiest choice.

Social media marketing is not simple, and it does take creativity, skill and time. That is where we come in, as these three things Kernow Media have in abundance.

As an ambitious start-up, we are already working with successful 6 and 7 figure companies, producing the results they need to recommend us time and time again.

We create a strong brand identity to elevate your online presence and increase the reach of your social media marketing campaigns. Everything we do is designed to generate a return on advertising spend (ROAS) for you and your business as efficiently as possible.

Social media marketing can be quite overwhelming for any business to do alone and it is more vital today than it’s ever been.

That is why, when you work with Kernow Media, we have social media packages that enable a stress-free transition with maximum impact when we undertake any projects on your behalf.

That means once you have given us access and guidance, you can be as hands-off as you like.

So who are we?

Well, I’m Gavin Harris, Social Media Enthusiast, Ambitious Entrepreneur, Highly Driven Business Owner, Podcast Host, Stand-Up Comedian, Veteran of the British Army.

Along with my team: Andrea, Viki, Kerry, Beth, Alexa and Jay. Together we operate professionally, passionately and with purpose and ensure you stand out amongst your competitors.

Working our Kernow magic and through our tried and tested process of generating impressions, that turn into engagement, which sparks a conversation which, with nurturing, turns those initial impressions into ideal customers for you and your business.

When I launched Kernow Media in April 2020, I did so with the vision and purpose to help businesses optimise, evolve and utilise social media to generate leads and sales on a consistent basis.

This will give you and your business the time and freedom to work on your business instead of in it. The many, many amazing clients that we work with prove that businesses need our unique, incredible service.

We are all committed to helping you and your business by optimising, evolving and utilising social media to generate leads and sales on a consistent basis.

Whilst we are generating leads and sales for your business, you can spend more time doing what you do best.

Kernow Media will ensure that you have an engaging social media presence with consistent, high-quality content that will attract and convert your ideal customers and clients whilst also delivering brilliant, bespoke graphic design and artwork.

If this resonates with you and you would like to take the first step towards social media greatness, get in touch.