Kernow Club Membership

The Kernow Club is the beginning of Gavin Harris’ (Director of Kernow Media) dream of creating a social media hub that allows SMEs & micro-businesses to gain access to experiences and social media consultants in an affordable and accessible way.

Kernow Club Member


Monthly (Inclusive of VAT)

  • Knowledge – Social insights via software.
  • Education – Webinars + Q&A’s.
  • Resources – Downloadable assets.
  • Networking – Join our social community.
  • Organic Growth – Optimise online presence.
  • Wisdom – Regular audits + Advice.

The mission of #kernowclub is to help as many business owners, marketing executives and entrepreneurs to understand and learn how to use social media themselves. That will enable them to grow their businesses and thrive using various social media platforms.

As a member of the club, you will get access to the Kernow Cloud. The Kernow Cloud is bespoke software that allows you to create customised content and store it safely on the cloud. Not only that, but you can also schedule the content to post automatically without needing any further interaction from you.

As well as that, you will have access to the Kernow Club Library, which has new content added to it every month. That means you will have unbridled access to learning more about social media whenever you want, including the latest techniques for navigating it.

You will also have access to our monthly Kernow Club Webinars, where we will tackle the month’s hot social media topics. In these webinars, you will learn about everything, from hashtags to content creation and everything in between. You will also have access to discounts across our other services as well.

Whilst working on your social media profiles, we work to a very organic but proven method.






Through our strategies, we create more impressions for your business, because, if people don’t know about you, they can’t buy from you.


By creating great content and social engagement, you gain more engagement on your pages.


Simple math, if more people see your content, more people will engage, more people will reach out, if there is a clear CTA (call to action).


More conversations will create more customers. It will also build better relationships.

Ultimately, joining The Kernow Club will raise you and your business well above your competitors. We will help to push your business in the right direction.


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you may have before starting a project

The Kernow Club is run by Kernow Social Media Agency, with Gavin Harris (Director) leading the team.

Gavin Harris is a highly experienced social selling consultant and has been a practitioner and trainer for more than five years. Self-taught, he has also attended numerous courses focusing on consistently creating compelling and engaging social media content that has measurable results.

When you join the Kernow Club, you’ll get exclusive access to our content creation and scheduling software, as well as priority booking for our monthly webinars. Not only that, but you will also have a virtual seat in our Social Media Online Academy, all designed to make you an expert in social media marketing.

Yes. We offer 1-2-1 social media training across all the major social media platforms. If you are a member of the Kernow Club, you will also earn discounts across a wide range of services.

Our scheduling software allows you to post your content simultaneously across numerous platforms. These include Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and several others.

The Kernow Club’s content library has unlimited capacity. That means you could potentially schedule your content far into the future if you wish to do so. We have a range of specific strategies to consider when first commencing a campaign, to maximise your budgets and improve ROI.

Each monthly webinar will last for at least 45 minutes. These are all recorded and stored in the Social Media Online Academy. That means you can either watch it live or access it later, at a convenient time for you.

We offer similar services to many other agencies, but we aim to be affordable for everyone. That means every business can benefit from social media marketing, from microbusinesses to SMEs and larger companies. Our primary focus for all of our clients is to achieve a more significant ROI from their social media marketing than they’ve ever achieved before.

We ask for the first month to be paid in advance. Monthly payments will then apply until the end of your management plan.

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