LinkedIN lead generation

LinkedIn is a place where you can grow your business exponentially. Connecting with potential suppliers, partners and, of course, customers. Initially launched as a B2B and recruitment platform, the platform has grown in popularity and serious professionals will have a robust business presence on what has become known as
‘The Business Network’.
We offer a service that can take the hard work away from you whilst showing you consistent results.


£150+ VAT


  • Done For You – multi-Step Lead Generation Strategy
  • Up To 400 Connection Requests Sent
  • More Meetings Booked With Your Target Audience
  • More Traffic Driven To Your Website
  • massive boost to your Brand awareness
  • Connect With More Decision-Makers Consistently
  • Save Yourself Hours Of Work
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Networking on LinkedIn

Everyone wants to sell something on LinkedIn. Everyone is on there because they have a product, a service, a book or a course to sell. Yet no body wants to be sold to. It’s a dilemma.
It’s a dilemma that Kernow Media has solved.

We combine the power of automation with good old fashioned marketing to achieve results that will enable you to grow your business.

We will connect with your target audience on your behalf and initiate conversations that have a high chance of turning into business for you.

You are still able to use your account, in fact, we encourage it.

When you sign up to our LinkedIn Lead Generation service, we help you to elevate your personal profile above your competition and have meaningful conversations with the right people.

Whilst working on your social media accounts, we work with an organic and proven method.






Through our strategies, we create more impressions for your business, because, if people don’t know about you, they can’t buy from you.


By creating great content and social engagement, you gain more engagement on your pages.


Simple math, if more people see your content, more people will engage, more people will reach out, if there is a clear CTA (call to action).


More conversations will create more customers. It will also build better relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you may have before starting a project

LinkedIn is a social media network that allows professionals to connect, learn, and share. Imagine Facebook but for your career.

We generate leads for our clients by consistently reaching the right people with the right messaging at the right times.

Absolutely! This will take you time, patience and consistency to do so though. Working with us at Kernow Media will free up you time and allow you to deal with closing deals instead of opening conversations.

Yes. We offer 1-2-1 training across all the major social media platforms.

LinkedIn will normally restrict your account once you go above 400 connections per month. This still means that we should be able to grow your network by up to 4800 connections per year.

As part of our strategy does involve a form of automation there is a risk that your account could be suspended from sending new connection requests.

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