The Social Slingshot

The Social Slingshot is a great way to increase your brand awareness in an affordable, effective manner.

The Social Slingshot Packages


The Social Slingshot


£175+ VAT

10,000 Impressions

  • Brand Awareness
  • Increase in Website Visitors
  • 10,000 Impressions
  • End of Campaign Report


The Social Slingshot


£300+ VAT

20,000 Impressions

  • Brand Awareness
  • Increase in Website Visitors
  • 20,000 Impressions
  • End of Campaign Report


The Social Slingshot


£400+ VAT

30,000 Impressions

  • Brand Awareness
  • Increase in Website Visitors
  • 30,000 Impressions
  • End of Campaign Report

Social media advertising, when done correctly, is the most cost-effective form of advertising available. You can target your audience with almost laser-guided precision.

That means directing your campaigns at your audience geographically, demographically, and through their online behaviours while getting real-time reporting.

When we launch an advert on your behalf, we can tell you how many people have seen it, how many people have engaged with it and what those people do when they go to your website.

Whilst working on your social media profiles, we work to an organic, proven method.






Through our strategies, we create more impressions for your business, because, if people don’t know about you, they can’t buy from you.


By creating great content and social engagement, you gain more engagement on your pages.


Simple math, if more people see your content, more people will engage, more people will reach out, if there is a clear CTA (call to action).


More conversations will create more customers. It will also build better relationships.

Kernow Social Media Agency has a wealth of social media advertising experience. We create, optimise, and manage client adverts daily.


We create visually stimulating graphics for social media posts. Not only that, but working with our partners at Cornwall Channel, we can also create stunning video content to promote any product or service. We also ensure the copy is clear, concise and with a clear CTA (call to action).


There are nearly four billion people actively using social media every day, and you probably don’t want to be targeting all of them. So we ensure that we are only targeting the people that are most likely to buy something from you. We’ll also regularly optimise your advertising campaign to ensure you have the best CPA (cost per acquisition).


Facebook policies frequently change, which means that Facebook can pause adverts for no apparent reason. We ensure that your Facebook Business Manager and Advertising accounts are kept compliant at all times, so your adverts continue to run smoothly. We also send you weekly reports to keep you up to date with your campaigns.

Social media advertising is perfect for businesses looking for more website visitors to convert to sales and for companies looking to grow their social media communities.

If you decide to work with us, we will also offer advice on optimising your landing page for any adverts we run on your behalf. If required, through our partners, we can build a landing page for your website. Kernow Social Media has designed all of our social media advertising packages to be as affordable as possible for SMEs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you may have before starting a project

Social media marketing uses platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter to connect with audiences, increase sales and promote products and services. Adverts are formulated as posts, encouraging engagement and generating responses. These can also be targeted at specific markets and demographics, making it a more cost-effective marketing tool than broadcast media.

Yes. If you have a social media profile, you can use that platform for advertising your business. Each platform will have its own rules and rates for paid promotions. Advertising campaigns on social media platforms are easy to monitor, update or pause.

There is no simple answer to this question. Response and “return on investment” will depend on the service/products you offer, the lead time for new sales and the scale of the promotional campaign itself. Some campaigns see responses and sales within a week, while some can take longer to generate a measurable response.

That is up to you. If you offer something complex or detailed, then you may prefer to handle all inbound responses yourself. But if we can provide initial answers on your behalf, we’d be happy to add this to your customised social media management plan.

That is up to you. Kernow Social Media offers a range of social media marketing plans, with varying levels of content created and published on your behalf. We can launch as many as 250 adverts simultaneously, or one a day. You can choose what works best for you.

Once you authorise your social media marketing campaign, Kernow Social Media can quickly get your adverts “live” on your chosen platforms. The content will first need to be reviewed by the platform – as soon as it’s approved, your campaign will go “live”.

You’ll get a comprehensive content generation service, creating all of your social media adverts from scratch. That includes graphic design based on your brand guidelines, content creation, and targeting the right audience. We will also monitor the advert’s performance throughout the month, providing regular updates on engagement and responses.

As part of your content marketing plan, we will send you a weekly performance report. That will include a detailed breakdown of social media interactions with the advert and several KPIs that allow us to measure the campaign’s effectiveness.

Our social media management pricing does not include the actual cost of advertising on each platform – we’re managing the campaigns on your behalf. We will offer advice and guidance on the options available on each platform.

Simply put, the answer is yes. Statistical research on social media campaigns indicates that response rates and engagements increase when a video is embedded in the content. We work closely with the Cornwall Channel, so we recommend having a conversation with them about creating a video that perfectly captures your product or service.

That is a straightforward process, and we have produced a step-by-step video guide to show you what you will need to do.

As with all forms of advertising, there are no guarantees. Multiple factors can affect how successful an advertising campaign will be. Kernow Social Media will offer advice on optimising your landing pages and guidance on matching the right adverts to the right platforms.

We ask for the first month’s payment for our social media marketing packages to be paid in advance. Monthly payments will apply from that point until the end of your management plan.