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At Kernow Media, we are experts in helping our clients utilise the power of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, X (fomerly Twitter,) LinkedIn, TikTok & YouTube to promote their business, products and services making them more visible to the customers and clients most likely to buy from them.

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The team at Kernow Media is committed to helping small and medium sized businesses build and develop a great online presence. By joining the Kernow Club, a business and marketing community, we help increase a companies brand exposure, drive more traffic to their website, increase their sales and, ultimately grow their business. That’s what the power of social media marketing can deliver when you engage with an agency like Kernow Media.

At Kernow Media we work with B2C and B2B companies just like yours all over the country and across diverse markets. That means we know how to produce a marketing strategy that is personalised to your business but also that will match your budget and meet your needs.

When joining us as a client, you’ll have access to a team of highly skilled social media experts who are dedicated to maximising your digital footprint and improving the overall success of your social media channels. We will over-deliver against your expectations and get the best out of your budget every time.

A lot of clients we speak to have used the Facebook ‘Boost’ button with varied results. This is something we highly recommend you DON’T do. By using any social media ‘boost’ function you won’t be able to access and utilise the highly sophisticated targeting platform that is provided by META (for Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads) or the similar platform provided for LinkedIn Ads.

A benefit of us providing social media marketing from Cornwall and not London, is that we are able to keep our prices at an affordable rate, we are transparent when it comes to pricing and you can see this for yourself, our prices for almost all of our packages are available right here, on our website.

We are your Social Media Management, UK-based agency offering a range of lead generation services including SEO, PPC and email marketing but first and foremost we are a social media marketing agency for any small business near Cornwall and further away.

Trying to find social media management pricing in the UK market is nearly impossible. This is why we offer transparency when it comes to our pricing. You will notice that all of our services and associated pricing are available online.

With our agency-specific software, we are able to offer our clients social media analytics that other platforms probably don’t.

Why is this important? It’s important because if you’re using social media for business, you need to be able to understand why a certain piece of content has done well and why another piece of content hasn’t done quite so well. You can then adjust your content and improve the process.

As a marketing agency in Cornwall, we understand the pressures and anxieties most small business owners face. Whether it is posting a personal update on LinkedIn or creating weekly content for your business page.

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Utilising a customised combination of organic posts and paid advertising opportunities, we can make your business omnipresent. Meaning we can ensure that wherever your customers are, your business is highly visible with an attractive call to action.

The Kernow Media team offer you the expertise and experience in social media marketing, combined with military discipline and commitment to overachieving your business objections.

We pay close attention to the ever-changing META landscape to ensure your Facebook & Instagram advertising is performing at its very best.

We don’t class ourselves as solely an Instagram agency or a Facebook agency, we consider ourselves to be experts across all social media platforms. We have extensive experience across our team, at generating leads and sales consistently.

Whether you need business-to-business (B2B) marketing or business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing, whether you have low-ticket products and services or high-ticket items, we are the experts in ensuring your business is profitable on social media.

Increase impressions and engagement, start more conversations and win more customers.





This is a tried and trusted technique – here’s how it works.


Impressions: we create more impressions for your business through our social media strategies. If people don’t know about you, they can’t buy from you. We make sure that your ideal customers will find you easily.


Engagement: we focus on creating great content and generating social engagement, which will keep your customers on your website for more extended visits. That means they will connect with your business more deeply.


Conversations: we’ll build your audience and develop your relationship with your followers. By responding to reactions and comments, more people will engage and enquire about your business. We’ll make sure that there is a clear, Call To Action (CTA).


Customers: we’ll develop those connections into conversations because that is the most effective way to win new customers. When we respond on your behalf, it strengthens the relationship between you and your audience. Trust and confidence is increased, and barriers to buying are lowered.

4.59 billion people

Regularly Use Social Media

That means your social media presence is now, arguably, more important than ever before.

It’s official, more than half the world’s population is now using social media regularly. These people are looking for solutions to problems they have. So, you need to make sure that you have a strong social media presence and can offer social proof that you can legitimately solve that client’s problem. You need to offer answers to problems they are facing and have the right products and services to help their business.
When people search for your business on social media, what do they find? Do they discover an engaging, online community or do they find a barren social media wasteland?

Your social media platforms can be an asset to your company or a liability. Business owners and marketers must make sure that their social media platforms tell people that they are “open for business”. If they don’t do that, they run the risk of putting off potential customers from making contact.

Whatever your social media needs, you can be sure that our team have the skill and expertise to fulfil your requirements perfectly.

When we work with you, we will make sure that your business gets noticed by the right people at the right time, whichever platform they are on.

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