Facebook Business Page: How can it help your business?

With roughly 2.93 billion monthly active users as of the start of 2022, Facebook is the most used online social network worldwide. With this many users, Facebook as a tool for reaching prospective customers for your business is not to be overlooked- it has become essential to have a Facebook presence for your business.  

What is a Facebook Business Page? 

A Facebook business page is a free tool you can set up on the social media site for your business and brand. It is like a mini website for your business that can be updated with your daily goings on, offers and business information such as opening times or address. It is a useful resource that helps you connect with your customers in a personable way and grow your online business by reaching new prospective clients.  

With a huge majority of the western population now using Facebook, it has become easier for users of Facebook to locate businesses they wish to engage with on the social media site, as they are already surfing it, than to leave the site and look at an individual business’ website for the basic business information they are looking for. 

So, other than what we have mentioned, what are the benefits are having a Facebook business page?

Customer Engagement 

Just like a personal Facebook page, you can like, comment, message and receive notifications on your business page. This means you can engage with your long-term customers and pique the interest of new potential customers by advertising your latest offers or newest products.

 Moreover, you can share behind the scenes photos or updates from your business so the customer can get to know the business or your staff and therefore building up your rapport with the customer. Think businesses such as Monzo Bank or  Innocent Drinks. Both businesses have built huge followings through social media customer engagement and built-up trust through this by being informative, fun and engaging on their social media pages. The idea of a faceless corporation is well and truly antiquated.

New and Cost-Effective Ways of Advertising 

We have established having a Facebook Business Page is free and while this is true there are cost effective marketing add-ons you can choose to use for your business that are affordable no matter how big or small your business operation is.  

Integrating a Facebook Business Page into your adverting and marketing strategy is a cost-effective way to tap into a market of millions of potential clients. This can be done through a variety of ways from boosted posts  to target advertising. If you are unsure of how to implement a Facebook marketing stagey,  Kernow Media are here to help. We are experts in this field.

Know Your Audience 

Facebook business pages provide you with access the demographic of your followers. This is provided free of charge and will allow you to hone your advertising and marketing to reach your target audience more effectively.

 Moreover, your business page will tell you information such as what products or services you are offering receive the most engagement or interest from the integration data provided by your posts so you can tailor your product and services offerings to provide you with the most revenue for your business. 

At Kernow Media we specialise in helping businesses, no matter the size or budget, achieve their potential on social media to ensure they have an effective presence. We can interpret the data and provide a marketing plan tailored to you and your business needs. We have affordable packages and a dedicated staff ready to answer any questions you may have. If you would like to talk to us about the social media presence of your business or have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here.