Is It Time to Put Away the DIY Social Media Marketing?

Social media could top 4 billion active users by the end of 2020. About 80% of people in the developed world have at least one profile, while almost everyone has gone online to read a review about a business or product before buying it.

If your business is not on social media right now, there is no way to maximise your relationship-building power.

Developing a professional profile is only the first step of your journey. You must also discover where your customers want to be on the Internet, post high-quality content, and continuously prove the value your company provides compared to the competition.

When you get it right, social media marketing can be one of the best investments made for business growth.

If you get it wrong… it could cause the opposite effect.

That’s why it is essential to work with knowledgeable, experienced experts in this field. Instead of posting funny videos or random status updates, a professional social media marketing agency works with you to create a long-term plan for growth.

The #1 Mistake Made By DIY Marketers Is…

Social media is a land of conversations. People access their profile to connect with friends, see pictures of their family, and find some incredible deals on their favourite products and services.

People share information about their lives because they know that their family and friends are online, wanting to be a part of that experience.

Small business owners use the DIY social media marketing approach in the same way. They post pictures about their business, show behind-the-scenes photos, and promote the good or services for sale.

The only problem is that people interact with brands and businesses differently than they do their personal relationships.

That doesn’t mean customers want to avoid relationships. Far from it! People are loyal to the brands that they believe are the most valuable.

How do you build value through social media marketing? Having a sale or an exclusive discount is useful on occasion. Still, a relationship needs more than merchandise to build relationships.

Business owners must build a 360-degree educational experience on social media that covers every element of customer engagement.

You must go beyond the sales pitch and pain points to discover the reasons why someone initially gets attracted to your brand.

Why Do People Contact Businesses on Social Media?

Identifying the reason why customers want to connect with your business on social media shines a light on how to communicate with them. It is an individualised process, which means you need one-on-one interactions.

Here are some of the most common reasons why people look up a specific brand on social media.

1. Discover New Ideas and Trends

Innovation happens every day. Social media gives us an entire planet to explore! People connect with different businesses because of the value they see in this process. Companies that are perceived as being innovators are more likely to see a higher follower count.

2. Deeper Connections

Having a friendly chat with someone makes that person an acquaintance. Speaking with someone regularly in multiple venues creates a more profound friendship. Having daily interactions with an individual forges a lasting bond that can be challenging to break. People crave the latter option because these connections add more meaning to life.

3. Bring Attention to Themselves

People share information on social media because it creates a position of importance within a personal network. It is a way to bring attention to themselves in positive ways. That’s why every business should seek to produce the most valuable content possible when investing in a social media marketing campaign.

4. Find Deals

Offering the lowest price possible is only one way to provide value. People want the highest-quality product or service for a reasonable expense. Most will spend a little more to ensure that their pain points get resolved efficiently or to receive world-class customer service. Social media marketing gives you that chance to distinguish yourself from the competition.

Why DIY Social Media Marketing Fails

You see the reason why DIY social media marketing fails all of the time. When a brand is inactive online, there is no way to keep building connections. Infrequent content and sporadic updates make the purpose of having multiple profiles redundant.

You must have a social media marketing plan in place. Working without a goal means that your brand lacks direction, and that outcome causes businesses to spin in circles.

Social media isn’t about vanity metrics or making a hard sell. It is about creating new connections with people in ways that matter. If you’re ready to see how this approach to marketing could help your brand, reach out today!