Are There Benefits to a Social Media Marketing Package?

Everyone out there today wants to sell you a fantastic idea. When you look at the pros and cons of marketing, every brand and business must evaluate the investment risk with the potential reward of more exposure, conversions, and profits.

That’s why savvy marketers created “combo deals” for today’s online marketing needs. We all know about SEO, PPC, and other items, but what about graphic design packages? 

What about digging deeper into the deals by adding lead generation services?

The truth is that marketing companies must market themselves by producing social media marketing packages that seem like a great deal. It’s up to you to determine before you invest if what is getting promised is worth your attention and money.

How to Recognise a High-Quality Marketing Expert

If you want to navigate the marketing world to grab some advantages for your business, the first step to take is to set aside all of the stories people tell that are meant to build relationships.

“Can you imagine spending less than six hours per week to improve your brand’s recognition, sales, and traffic levels – at no cost to you?”

“Are you tired of having your competitors steal the customers you deserve because you have an ineffective website?

“Once upon a time, my company was where yours is today. I found myself lost in a confusing world of marketing terms, and that’s how my customers felt about my brand. That’s when I discovered the power of social media marketing packages!”

The truth is that marketers are in business for the same reasons you are today: to make money.

When you start looking at the actual services offered in social media management packages, you’ll separate the experts from the pretenders.

The best marketers know that your success becomes their success when your revenues increase and your brand outreach expands.

What Are the Advantages of Social Media Marketing?

Once you find the marketing agency you trust, the social media marketing packages should be designed to deliver some specific advantages. Here is what your brand should expect after choosing to invest in these services.

1. You can achieve more inbound traffic.

When you don’t have an active presence on social media, most of your inbound traffic will come from existing customers. Although that outcome isn’t necessarily a terrible thing, you won’t see as much growth in that circumstance. You’ll have predictable revenues that let you stay in a reasonable comfort zone. 

It takes the average small business about ten hours per week to see results from internal social media marketing efforts. That includes content creation, social engagement and everything in between.

If you don’t have someone who can dedicate that amount of time to the process, it makes sense to outsource this marketing need to an agency that knows your industry and understands your targeted demographics. You’ll achieve more traffic to start expanding your profit potential

2. Higher traffic levels can translate to more total transactions.

It’s not unusual for a business to see their key performance indicator percentages drop once they start marketing on social media, through lead generation, content uploads, or graphic design. When you have traffic other than repetitive customers coming to your sales pages, you have more people who are willing to change their minds before checking out.

That’s why you need to look at your total transactions and incoming revenue instead of percentages when you start marketing in these areas. If those investments bring in more revenues than it costs to obtain those new customers, your small business is in a great spot. 

3. You can individualise your brand with social media marketing.

The advantage that a social media management package delivers is the chance to create one-on-one interaction opportunities. When your brand can work with a customer individually, the experience increases the likelihood of staying loyal to your company.

When you have loyal customers, they become brand ambassadors. These people are the ones that promote your benefits to their friends, family, and co-workers. 

If you purchase a package that keeps all of your marketing interactions consistent, you’ll experience fewer disruptions of this benefit. That’s why lead generation companies often provide discounts when you purchase additional services.

4. You can develop more brand authority within your targeted demographics.

Although customer satisfaction and individual loyalty can play significant roles in making your brand attractive to others, those elements don’t translate to expertise. With Internet access available virtually everywhere today, it doesn’t take long for people to verify your claims or disprove them

Your communication must come from a value-based centre to deliver an authoritative outcome. It is a promise that what you provide has more value than what other companies in the same area offer. 

These value promises address the “pain” points that consumers have. When you show the knowledge, expertise, and wisdom through goods or services that you can solve problems better than anyone else, you’ll get more sales. 

Once those sales happen, your goods or services must deliver what you promised.

With effective lead generation services supporting your outreach efforts, you can improve your communication by refining those value promises to each target market.

5. Social media marketing packages can save you money.

When you stop by a favourite fast-food place, you’ll see menu items grouped into a single transaction based on consumer preferences. That means a burger, chips, and a drink cost less if you buy all three than if you purchased them individually.

Can you still get all three items through an individual order? Yes. The employee helping you might give you a funny look if you insist on paying more, but they might let the transaction stand.

A similar outcome occurs with social media marketing packages when working with an agency. Freelancers struggle to provide this advantage because they’re on their own, trying to meet specific margins to earn a living.

When you work with an agency, you get the help of multiple people working simultaneously to improve your brand’s reach and reputation. That’s why graphic design packages, social media marketing packages, and other lead generation services from one of today’s top companies is a reasonable investment to consider.

It costs more to buy all of the services than if you only get one, but your brand is probably hungry enough that a simple burger won’t meet your needs.

6. It can help you gain new marketplace insights.

A popular saying in the marketing world is this: “The most successful product isn’t always the BEST product, it’s the BEST KNOWN product’.

That statement holds some truth, but it also doesn’t start at the beginning of the innovation process. How does a company know that what they offer is the “best” product in their category or industry?

The answer to that follow-up question relies on marketplace insights gleaned from interested leads and prospects.

When you speak with potential customers, you can get opinions and interests that help your brand start creating new goods and services. Once you start seeing the problems that people are facing, you can develop solutions that make their lives easier. 

With the right social media management packages, you can use this marketing investment to discover your next great idea. It can also let you refine what is already offered for sale to solve problems effectively.

These tools can even help you measure conversions based on specific posts or conversations across each social media platform. That lets you know what works and what doesn’t so that you can invest your resources wisely.

7. You can improve your customer service experience.

Social media allows customers to work with brands 24/7 when they encounter a problem. Even though they know a message might get sent after-hours, the written record of their request exists. Your company can be held accountable on public forums without a response.

There is also the “hold factor” to consider. The average person spends 43 days out of their life being kept on hold. 

When you can respond to customer concerns on social media, you’ll solve problems faster. This outcome makes consumers happier.

If you have a happy customer, you’re more likely to receive a positive review from that individual. As others hear about the positive experience, they’ll come to see what your brand offers.

The experience becomes a positive upward spiral that proves you have genuine concerns for the people you serve.

Although you can always find customers who want to be difficult and pick fights without an apparent reason, most people are satisfied when you make an authentic effort to help. When this work happens on social media, other people can see what you’re doing.

That’s why social media management packages can be a wise investment. It can expand how fast and often you can help the people who want to connect with your company. 

How Much Should I Spend on Social Media Marketing and Lead Generation?

The average business spends about £200 daily on social media management and marketing. If you’re on the smaller side or a startup, you might have 25% to 50% of that amount in your overall budget. 

When you know that your brand is growing, it might be wise to double that amount so that you can establish the expertise and customer service reputation you want to have online.

Regardless of what your business eventually budgets, the goal should be to spend that money as wisely as possible. By wringing the most value out of every investment, your ROI can increase with your profits while keeping expenses predictable.

How does that investment break out if you’re purchasing social media marketing packages? Although each business is different, here are some suggestions to consider.

  • 40% of your investment could go toward new videos, graphics, and photographs that support your brand identity on social media.
  • Another 40% of your investment could go to direct advertising to grow your influence through Instagram or Facebook ads. 
  • About 10% of the cost could go toward direct social media management. That might include an all-in-one package with a single agency or an investment into a platform tool that lets you manage all of your profiles in a single spot.
  • The final 10% should go toward analytics analysing and management. Although most small businesses cannot afford extensive data mining, the information that customers leave on social media and other platforms can help brands grow significantly.

If you don’t have much at all in the budget for social media marketing today, you can still get your feet wet by creating a profile. Once your brand has a presence, you can use free sharing buttons on your site to encourage more consumer activity. 

Are You Ready to Get Started on Your Social Media Presence?

Social media marketing has numerous advantages to consider, whether your brand decides to invest in a complete package suite or an individual service.

Although an active presence on social media might not be suitable for every brand, we discovered in 2020 that diversification in challenging times makes it more likely that a business can survive the worst-case scenario. Even if you only serve people in your community, marketing efforts in these areas provide some significant potential benefits.

The results might need some time to develop, but a professional lead generation company can help you achieve increased traffic, improved search engine optimization, and higher conversion rates.

When those outcomes appear, you can build up your brand loyalty while achieving the other specific goals you have for your small business.

Your competitors are likely using social media marketing packages to build their presence and save money. Once you start investing in this area, the sooner you’ll begin to see the growth you want for your brand.