How to Build a Solid Base of Followers on Social Media Quickly

Social media marketing shouldn’t focus on data like follower count or the number of likes a specific post receives.

This information is helpful to have, but it isn’t a reliable key performance indicator (KPI) from a financial standpoint.

With that said, you won’t generate profits unless you start building a solid base of followers for your social media pages and profiles.

There are no shortcuts to this process. You must interact and engage with people so that they want to begin following your company. Some service providers offer packages where an inflated follower count builds to a certain level, but is it more critical to look popular – or provide expertise?

To put it another way – would you rather have 10,000 followers where no one buys anything, or have 100 followers where everyone purchases something?

Most companies would choose the latter option. You can start that process today by implementing these steps to start getting more followers.

List of the Best Ways to Grow a Follower Base

1. Having something that you can show and share.

People will follow you on social media when you have something of substance to offer. The best followers are the ones who take the time to examine your profile, look at your content, and evaluate your worth before joining your community.

That means you need to have a few things in place to ensure that a potential follower feels comfortable with your brand and business.

  • It would be best if you had a complete profile with every relevant field completed. Let your bio tell the story of your brand. It can help to use targeted keywords here to boost organic search results.
  • Fill your social media platforms with valuable content consistently. The best followers will verify that you are active by scrolling through up to a year’s worth of posts.
  • It helps to have professional communication with others. Anything that comes across as being disrespectful may push people away.

2. Post relevant and valuable information.

You can post industry information, company news, product trends, or opinions on social media to create engagement. Sprinkle in a few sales-related posts to that mix. At most, your feeds should be 20% about making money and 80% about offering help.

When your focus is on value over profits, your social media profile gains additional exposure. That means you have access to more potential followers.

There will always be people who come and go on social media. When you can establish a slow-and-steady net growth curve, you have evidence that this marketing effort is providing something of value.

3. Remember to rally your people.

Your business has more followers than you probably see online. Customers might visit your shop in-person frequently or subscribe to your email lists. Knowing how to rally these individuals to come to your social media pages is a practical way to boost your follower count.

Try posting signs in your store or shop that encourages people to connect with you on social media. Giving them an incentive to do so, such as an exclusive discount, can support that transition.

You can include your primary social media links with each email or newsletter you send out. It doesn’t hurt to make a special appeal to these individuals using a similar value-based approach.

Most people will gladly follow you on social media for the right incentive.

4. Use hashtags in meaningful ways.

Most businesses don’t use hashtags as often as they should. This tool makes it much easier for people to find your business after posting relevant content.

The brands that do use hashtags sometimes leap into this strategy before researching what to use. Having this search mechanism used for something for which you wouldn’t want your brand associated could reflect poorly on your marketing strategy.

A social media marketing agency can help you to target specific keywords and search terms so that you can use this approach to boost your follower count. You can also use a tool like RiteTag for the DIY approach. 

Becoming a Follower Helps You to Grow

Small businesses that find and follow real accounts of other companies or individuals relevant their industry can start their social media growth process.

This action is like attending an in-person networking event. It gives you an initial base of people with whom you can interact, providing value in several different ways.

Developing an extensive social media presence doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process that requires slow and steady growth, fueled by your consistency. When you get it right, this approach can be one of the most useful marketing strategies your brand can implement.