Alternative Social Media Platforms for Marketing?

You know that you want to be on social media to form relationships. Your brand could use a boost from the attention it would receive online.

Buffer says that you have 21 top social media sites to consider for your brand. Do you need to be that active online?

Social media should be about quality instead of quantity. Popularity and follower counts do nothing for your bottom line if no one engages with your brand.

Facebook, YouTube, and WhatsApp all have over 1.5 billion monthly active users each month. Having a presence on all three could be useful, but you may find these alternatives can provide you with the results you want.

1. Google My Business

Some people would say that this option is not a social network. It may not provide the interactions that you receive on platforms like Instagram or Twitter, but this choice does give you access to a lot of useful features that your brand needs.

Each post is searchable by specific keywords from a local perspective. That means nearby customers who want the exact products or services you offer can find your company immediately.

You also receive an SEO boost by keeping your information up-to-date using this platform, including an option to have organic backlinks included.

2. Pinterest

This visual platform allows a brand to show off its products or services. It’s an excellent resource for companies that use before-and-after imagery to show off their craftsmanship.

You can use the curated pin-boards to provide a broad range of supportive content, ranging from craft projects to landscaping ideas. Although the audience is primarily female, almost 90% of active users have made at least one purchase through this social media platform.

The images created for your pins and posts are also highly shareable on blogs and other social media networks. 

3. LinkedIn

Companies that focus on B2B sales or count corporate executives as their targeted consumers can benefit from an active presence on this social media platform. Use it to update people about your brand’s activities, connect with potential partners, or recruit new talent for your team.

LinkedIn is responsible for about half of all the social media traffic that reaches B2B agencies.

4. YouTube

Businesses can share and post an unlimited amount of video-based content when using this platform. Once the information is uploaded to your channel, a simple link can get shared through email, embedded to your site, or across all of your social media channels to generate traffic.

Since Google is responsible for YouTube, there can be SEO benefits to having an active and engaged channel on this platform. It has almost 2 billion active monthly users, making this video site another search engine to consider using.

There is a financial advantage to consider with YouTube over a site like Facebook. You can get up to three times the engagement with your online advertising efforts before having your account charged with an impression.

5. Tumblr

What makes this social networking site unique is that you can create a profile that looks eerily similar to a website. Your posts can go into SEO-friendly themes, support your other marketing efforts, and target specific demographics.

Users share photos, videos, audio files, and text in hybrid ways when using this platform. It is like a mix between YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

With over 642 million monthly unique visitors, your brand can start trending in ways that are not always possible with the other social media platforms.

How to Improve Your Social Media Marketing Today

The question our agency hears a lot is this: what can I do to improve my social media marketing experience?

It isn’t a complicated answer. You need to be consistent and active on your preferred platforms.

Imagine being in a conversation with someone who never says anything. You can talk all you want to the other person, but they don’t offer you any response. How long would it take you to walk away?

That’s the experience brands give to potential customers when they create a social media page or profile that remains silent!

We can help you to be present, actively engage, and build relationships in practical ways. When people feel like your brand represents a part of who they are, you have a unique opportunity to experience sales growth.

It all starts with the relationship. When you use these alternative social media platforms to create more conversations, the connections can help you to achieve more of your business goals.