What is Tik Tok? Why is it so popular? Why should my business consider using it?

It is no secret that TikTok took the world by storm throughout 2022 and it is still going strong in 2023 with even more growth expected in 2024. You may have heard of the name or even seen or made some TikToks yourself but what exactly is TikTok? The team at Kernow Media are here to break down the new social media phenomenon for you and your business. 

TikTok is a social media platform for creating and sharing short-form videos. It is available in over 150 markets and in 75 languages!  On the platform, users can create short videos with special effects and share them with friends and followers. The app also allows users to live-stream and join in virtual challenges or ongoing discussions. 

But why would I consider TikTok for my business? 

As we have stated, TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world and it’s no wonder why businesses are turning to the platform to reach new audiences. With its unique combination of creative content, light-hearted videos, and user-friendly interface, TikTok is an attractive option for businesses looking to engage with a wider target audience.

The appeal of TikTok lies in its user-friendly nature. It has a simple design that allows users to quickly navigate through its features and interact with content quickly. Moreover, it is this design and interface that appeals to all generations with users of all ages.  In this day and age, content is expected to be snappy and get to the point quickly to grab and retain the attention of the audience. It is all about convenience for the consumer and business must learn to adapt to this new form of media. 

Don’t despair though, the media platform boasts a wide range of free creative tools and video-editing options that allow users and businesses to create fun and interesting videos that stand out from the crowd. This means great content creation for your business is not only easily accessible but in budget too! 

Once you have mastered the art of creating standout snappy content for your brand or business your content on TikTok has the potential to become viral. TikTok has fantastic viral potential because of its short video format, it’s easier for users to share content and for it to spread quickly. This means that businesses can get their message out faster and reach a much wider audience than previously possible on other formats. Plus, the platform’s recommended content algorithm helps to ensure that users see the content that is most relevant to them.

What’s more, going viral and snappy content is not the only advantage for a business on TikTok. One of the most appealing aspects of TikTok for businesses is its ability to track user engagement. With detailed analytics, businesses can get insights into their audience’s viewing habits and use this information to craft campaigns that are more likely to succeed. This helps businesses to make data-driven decisions about their content and better understand their target audience.

Overall, TikTok is a great platform for businesses to showcase their brand. With a range of creative tools and video-editing options, businesses can create unique and eye-catching content that reflects their brand identity. The team here at Kernow Media are excited to see where the TikTok phenomenon leads to. The platform is already making huge waves in the social marketing industry. If you would like your business to get in on the action and start benefiting from TikTok, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team here at Kernow Media.