Clad-Um approached us as they were looking to enhance their digital footprint through the development of a professional website.

what we did

At Kernow Media, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive approach to digital marketing and web development. In our recent collaboration with Clad-Um, a distinguished industrial roofing and cladding company based in Cornwall, we meticulously designed and executed a strategic plan to craft a professional website that not only encapsulates the essence of their brand but also significantly elevates their online presence.

Our process began with an in-depth analysis of Clad-Um’s industry, target audience, and unique selling propositions to ensure that the website not only stands out in a competitive market but also resonates with potential clients. Understanding the critical importance of user experience, our team implemented a user-centric design that facilitates effortless navigation and showcases Clad-Um’s expertise, services, and projects in a compelling and accessible manner.

To highlight Clad-Um’s commitment to excellence and innovation in industrial roofing and cladding, we leveraged cutting-edge web technologies and design principles. The website features a responsive design, ensuring optimal viewing across all devices and platforms, alongside SEO-optimised content to improve visibility and ranking on search engines.

Furthermore, recognising the significance of engaging and informative content, we worked closely with Clad-Um to develop rich, SEO-friendly content that articulates their expertise, values, and the breadth of solutions they offer. This was complemented by high-quality imagery and project showcases that vividly demonstrate their capabilities and achievements.

Finally, to foster ongoing growth and engagement, we integrated analytics and monitoring tools that enable Clad-Um to measure performance, gain insights into visitor behaviour, and continually refine their online strategy.

At Kernow Media, we are committed to delivering excellence and ensuring that our clients’ digital presence not only meets but exceeds their expectations.