Should My Business Join Twitter?

Is Twitter part of your social media marketing strategy? If not, it should not be overlooked. There are over 330 million users currently active on Twitter. Each one of them is a potential client for your business.

Differing slightly to Instagram and Facebook, Twitter’s users are limited to only 280 characters per post, just a couple of sentences. The platform is fast and dynamic, only allowing for snappy snippets to be published or eye-catching headlines. This results in the users of Twitter being in the habit of clicking through to other websites to read more information before returning to Twitter to continue their browsing.  This habit is beneficial to your business. If you get your Twitter profile for your business in shape and attractive to the potential customer, a click through will result in more traffic to your website, a boost in SEO and more prospective customers. 

What do businesses use Twitter for if you are so limited with posts? 

This is a good question. There is a subtle difference between the way businesses use other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to the way and reasons Twitter is used. Some of key usages and benefits of using twitter for your business are:

Twitter provides a great platform for you to offer support to your customers. Consumers take to the platform to contact companies with their issues. As it is a direct message to the company using the company handle, the customer can tweet with ease straight from their personal profiles without seeking out the company page. This can then be answered by your business in the form of a direct/private message or a tweet reply.

Utilising Twitter for this function not only allows for any issues or complaints to be private for your company (due to the public tweet character restriction, private direct messages are usually used for the body of the complaints) but also allows your customers to see your business is willing to engage with them and keep up to date with current issues.

This engagement increases brand trust and customer awareness for your company as it assures the customer if something does go wrong with their service or order, there is support there. A prospective customer is likely to choose a company with these assurances than one who does not provide support. 

Additionally, the customers’ ability to contact the company in such direct manner on the platform allows for customers to easily present feedback to the business whether it be good or bad. This provides your business with essential market research (for free!) and insights to how your audience is feeling about your company’s service or product. Such insights are invaluable for a business to reach its full potential. 

Twitter is a fast past micro-blogging social media platform; it sees over 6000 tweets per second being sent across the platform! These tweets form conversations via tweet threads can provide not only a space for like minded people to talk about topics involving your company interests but allows for you to have customer insight on what they are really feeling about your business. The tweet threads give your company and engagement opportunity to get a conversation going between like-minded people who may be interested in what your company has to offer. Tweet threads can be found or stumbled upon by searching user hashtags on certain topics, so users with similar interests who may not know your business can discover it through these and this way you can reach a wider target audience. 

 As always, positive engagements and conversation starters from your company will not only gain brand trust from your followers but curious people will head to your website to see what you are all about. Afterall, Twitter profiles don’t give you a huge amount of space for your company home page, so engagement is vital on this platform for drawing customers in. 

Conversations started in this way will give your customers a chance to talk about your services or products together. If other prospective clients see these taking place and your company engaging with these, it is likely they will trust your brand for their future consumer choice, therefore gaining you new clients and revenue. Brand communities are essential for modern day businesses, it is a way to spread good words about your company coming from clients who have already used your services.

While all this engagement on Twitter may seem like a lot, it also helps you to establish your company’s personality and tone. Which will be essential in drawing in your target audience as people engage with people rather than bland company PR statements. This may all seem overwhelming, but Kernow Media is here to help. Kernow can set up, manage, and engage on your business’ behalf on all social media platforms. We can work together to provide support via Twitter and build your community. 

We have range of packages and something for every budget. If you would like to talk to a team member or just ask a question, don’t hesitate to contact us here.