The Kernow Show: Why is it important to be a guest on a podcast or vodcast? 

Here at Kernow Media, we are not just your average media company. We like to create communities, elevate each other in business and push the boundaries. We do not just have clients at Kernow Media, we have a community. That is why we have created The Kernow Show.

The Kernow Show is an exclusive vodcast brought to you and hosted by our very own Gavin Harris. Gavin handpicks the very best people from all aspects of business and trade to share their insider knowledge and secrets with you to elevate your business and brand potential. Our guest business leaders share what running a business in their trade is really like, and the story behind the brands. No secrets, no advertising, just honest testimonies from people who have been there and are doing it and want to share their stories to help others. 

So, why should you be a guest on our vodcast? 

Being on a podcast such as The Kernow Show has many benefits for you and our community. Along with the obvious benefit of contributing to a community who are eager to learn and benefit from your story, your brand will also benefit in the following ways:

Brand Exposure

Being on a podcast or vodcast increases your brand exposure. You can gain exposure and reach audience members for your business that you may have not been able to before. Our vodcast has an eclectic audience some of whom may not have been in your original target audience but would be potential customers for you. 

Become a Trusted Source 

Here at Kernow Media, we have worked hard to become a trusted and credible source of information, only working with trusted business with good practices. If we work with you on our show, you will be being endorsed by a respected community business which will work hand in hand to enhance your reputation. 

Content Creation

Our vodcasts are shared in our community groups, on our website and on our social media platforms. Our videos will provide you with audio snippets/visual snippets or quotes you can cut and use to create your own content. There is also the possibility to boost your own business site by creating backlinks to the original post, boosting your SEO.

So how do you get involved?

Simple! Just get in touch and organise a call with Gavin. Book a call to pitch your idea or simply to find out a little more information by clicking here.