How to Create Meaningful Graphics for Your Customers

If you want to advance your brand’s story, the best investment you can make today is in a graphic design package. When you work with a professional and experienced agency, it becomes easier to consolidate confusing text into new thoughts and understandable visuals.

Although DIY graphic design is often better than nothing at all, your efforts are not without risk. When your visuals aren’t properly designed, they can increase the risk of confusing or overwhelming your targeted audience.

When you’re trying to put together something for your customers to enjoy, the five principles we follow with our designs are worth considering. If you need any help with this process, contact our team at your convenience so that your ideas can take flight!

Best Ways to Add Meaningful Graphics to Your Website

1. Don’t overwhelm people with massive text blocks.

Have you ever seen a video that had so much text on it that you had to click the “pause” button? When you watch content like this, you don’t want customers trying to manage the distraction that lots of words create. All your graphics should be simplified, to the point, and easy to understand.

If you can’t cut the text from your video, consider using bullet points or key phrases to engage viewers. It’s often better to have people thinking about your unique selling point than the entire history of your industry.

2. Think about your presentation medium.

Responsive web design is essential today because people access your site through several devices and browsers. If you cannot maximize how your visuals look across these mediums, you’ll run the risk of having your text and graphics become unviewable.

The last thing you want is for the information to be cut off by a phone, computer, or projector. When incorporating graphic design elements for your brand, you’ll want to ensure everything is large enough to see on the smallest screens that people use today.

That’s why you’ll want to utilize safe zones within your video design whenever possible. These markers show the areas where your visuals remain viewable, offering natural margins that prevent your info from getting too close to the edge.

3. Keep it simple.

Although complicated special effects and graphics provide a “wow” factor, they can also take people away from your core message. Before creating something overly complex or time-intensive, think about the overall purpose of your investment in this area. What are you hoping to establish?

That’s why investing in a graphic design package makes a lot of sense for many brands. A professional agency can produce a clean background, tell your story visually, and create memorable encounters without overwhelming the viewer.

4. Time your information appropriately.

Timing is everything when you create visual content for people to enjoy. Before finalizing your videos or graphics, read all the text elements aloud before uploading the files. When you take this step, you’ll create three specific benefits.

  • When you read content verbally, it is much easier to find and correct typos in your text-based information.
  • It helps you understand the pacing of the video or graphics so that the information gets conveyed at the correct speed.
  • You can test the included data to see if it makes the desired first impression.

Since everyone processes information at different speeds, consider adding two or three seconds to each sequence to ensure everyone gets the chance to see what you’re trying to convey.

5. Avoid starting graphic design elements with your logo.

Time is a precious commodity. Once it disappears, we don’t get it back! That’s why every second of your graphic design investment should convey something valuable to the viewer. If you have anything that doesn’t offer information that addresses a consumer’s needs, you’re giving them an excuse to start working with a competitor.

How do you capture someone’s attention today? Your graphic design efforts must contain interesting content that makes a person’s time investment feel worthwhile.

Why Choose a Professional Agency for Graphic Design?

You have a business to run. Instead of focusing on your marketing and outreach efforts, a professional agency can develop a unique design on your behalf. Instead of relying on stock photos or royalty-free images, your company can create a value proposition that stands out to the consumer.

The best graphic design packages offer an affordable way to access these benefits while you keep doing what you do best. Customers can spot the difference between a professional visual and something that someone threw together at the last minute.

If you make one investment in your company this year, consider upgrading the visual elements of your website. An affordable graphic design package can help you reach that goal! Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help!