How Valuable Are Content Marketing Services?

When you hear someone talking about content marketing services, what comes to mind first?

The answer often depends on the individual’s age and familiarity with technology. If you’ve been on the Internet since the 1990s, your first thought is probably about written content.

If you’re a younger Millennial, you might think about pictures or videos.

Today’s teens look at content through the lens of podcasts, live streaming, and even social media interactions.

When you approach content marketing as a brand and business, the goal should be to create value. It’s what shifts this effort from almost any other form of outreach or advertising. If people seek it out, you’ve got something that can generate leads effectively.

What Are Some of the Best Content Marketing Options to Use?

Whether you use content marketing packages or decide to invest in one-off products, you’ll find several options in this category that can extend your brand’s reach effectively.

Although every situation is different, here are some of the most common ways websites are reaching out to grow their customer base.

1. Infographic-Based Content

These long, vertical graphics include plenty of shareable information that your customers can use. They might incorporate statistics, graphs, charts, or even inspirational quotes. Since it is an image, people can share this content marketing effort on most social media channels with a couple of clicks.

Although it’s one of the more expensive choices you can find (and some content marketing services don’t provide this option), the ROI is often excellent. You might want to speak with a trusted social media consultant first to determine how or if this investment makes sense for your brand.

2. Webpage Content

Although your pages and posts might not seem like they’re a marketing investment, this content is what shifts a visitor’s focus toward becoming a customer. By offering something valuable with a conversational tone, you can eliminate the thought of a hard sell while producing optimisation benefits that get your site rising in the rankings.

It’s not good enough to post whitepapers or case studies by themselves. If the content isn’t exciting and valuable, you won’t see any benefits.

3. Ebooks and Publications

People look at a book as a product that often sells itself. If you want to extend the reach of your marketing efforts, you might consider adding this content to your campaigns. It becomes a tool that drives customers toward your products or services because it delivers an accounting of your expertise.

It’s easier to self-publish today than ever, but you must also consider the tone, quality, and formatting of an ebook. If the publication feels disorganised, the same impression will transfer to your brand. That’s why content marketing packages are a fantastic way to expand your outreach while keeping costs manageable.

4. Videos and Live Streaming

You can find amateur videos all over the Internet today. People are selling everything from blenders to home security systems with this medium. Although those efforts can generate some sales, you’ll find that pro-grade content with scripted value and planned scenes can enhance the emotional connections that people make to your business.

Brands avoid video content marketing because it feels hard, seems expensive, or previous efforts failed. When you start working with an experienced agency with a history of offering high-quality lead generation services, the outcomes can be much different.

5. Checklists and How-to Guides

A checklist provides a high-performance addition to virtually all content marketing packages and campaigns. It’s a worksheet that offers people a list of tasks, sometimes in a step-by-step sequence, to achieve the desired outcome.

This content is an excellent resource for small businesses because they provide significant value without being overly complicated to design. Even if you created the checklist on word processing software, taking a screenshot of it allows for social media sharing.

6. Interviews (Multiple Formats)

Whether you’re getting or giving an interview, this content offers significant value to any content marketing package and strategy. It delivers individualised expertise that makes an immediate impact on the visitor.

It’s also one of the most flexible content additions you can have for a website. An interview can be video recorded, transcribed, on a podcast, or included in an infographic. That means you can use one resource to generate multiple outreach effort.

The best content marketing packages ensure that you receive a competitive rate for lead-gen services. If you’re ready to see how fast your brand can start growing, investing in these areas can create an influential campaign that shows everyone how valuable you are. Get in touch with us to learn more.