Social Media Management Pricing: What Value Do You Receive?

When you start looking for social media management providers, you’ll find a broad range of pricing schemes offered. Although the right price is whatever you’re willing to pay for the service, you should think about the value you get for your investment.

Imagine that you have £1500 per annum to spend on social media marketing and management today. Would you rather put that money toward someone who just started their business or a seasoned professional with a decade of experience and an entire support team?

When both companies charge the same price, the decision seems straightforward. You’d go with the experienced provider!

What if the new business charges 50% less than the experienced team? That’s why value, not price, should be your primary priority.

Social Media Management Packages Make the Most Sense

If you’re shopping for the best price, it’s not unusual to pick and choose different providers for the specific social media management services you require.

You might have one agency provide graphic design, another work on your social media advertising, and a third one handling your preferred platforms’ consulting and management needs.

Although it feels like you’re saving money, you must also consider the time it takes to balance three relationships instead of having one agency providing all of those resources in one package.

Imagine that you spend 30 minutes each day working with those individual providers. If you value your time at £20 per hour, you’ll be investing £100 daily on those two extra relationships. When you add in that £400 expense with the added plan costs you’re paying, a social media management package makes a lot of sense.

Our Gold Social Media Management Package Provides Immense Value

If you’re a company that juggles multiple social media management relationships, it’s time to look at our various service packages.

Our Gold Package tier is one of the best values you can find right now for your social media marketing and management needs.

Here’s what you receive with this £500 (+VAT) investment.

Daily Content Copywriting:When your brand has an active social media profile, you’ll be more likely to grow fans and followers. This service ensures that your profiles are creating something valuable for your targeted demographics to enjoy. We will post 36 times per month.
Monthly Reports:You get to see the data that your social media presence generates and how that information translates into brand benefits.
Monthly Report & Consultations:The most effective way to achieve a growth mindset is to be on the same page. That outcome cannot happen if we don’t share open lines of communication.
Monthly Recommendations:You will receive recommendations on what we feel will build your presence across the different social platforms for you and your business.
Custom Graphics:On your behalf, we will create at least 27 custom graphics with this service per month. The majority of which will be ‘evergreen content’.
Social Highlights/Stories:You’ll receive 8 highlights/stories with custom graphics each month.
Social Engagement Package:When your brand connects with people online, we start the relationship-building process. A comment can be as effective as the old-fashioned smile and a handshake for sealing a deal! You’ll receive 8 hours of service per month with this investment.
Facebook Group Engagement:The main purpose of groups is to help Facebook users socialize around any topic or community. On your behalf, we will ensure that your business offerings are seen in many business groups in a helpful but non-spammy way.

We Take Advantage of Today’s Social Media Algorithms

Instead of posting random content or following an outdated calendar, our team uses today’s algorithms to deliver positive outcomes for your social media management needs. This approach makes it easier to achieve consistent growth while creating interaction opportunities on behalf of your brand.

You might find social media management packages that advertise a no-contract solution or similar structures. The fact is that most results require about six months to achieve. Although you will see progress in the first weeks and months with this investment into professional services, you need time to create organic attention.

The results often speak for themselves. When you compare an organic visitor to one that comes through traditional online advertising, the conversion chance can be up to six times higher for the person who researched their way to your site.

In practical terms, that’s like taking two visitors out of 100 who would buy something into 12 visitors. Since the average person spends three hours per day on their preferred social media platforms, it makes sense to reach out as a brand.

That’s the value of using a management package. When you select a provider with proven experience in this area, your profits can start growing!

If you have any questions about your needs in this area, contact our social media management experts today! We’ll be happy to find the answers you need to support your brand.